Activities in Whittier

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What to do in Whittier, Alaska

The Whittier Glacier View Suites are located in the port community of Whittier 60 short miles from Anchorage via the spectacular Seward Highway along the shoreline of Turnagain Arm.

Beyond the tunnel lies the unique Alaskan seaport of Whittier. Adventures for the visitor include:

Summer activities
  • Salmon and Halibut fishing
  • Scenic & Bird photography
  • Sealife boat tours
  • Sea Kyaking
  • Scuba Diving
  • Hiking (ie Portage Pass Trailhead, waterfall destinations with picnics, berry picking, eagle observatory, rock climbing, Alaska railroad glacier tours)
  • Prince William Sound Museum

whittier museum Prince William Sound Museum was adjudged to be one of the top 10 “must see” Alaskan museums by Alaska Magazine and “an outstanding museum experience” in the 2013 issue of Milepost.

Also available to the visitor is the Grandview Rail Tour to the Spencer Glacier provided by the Alaska Railroad; the Portage Glacier boat tour at Portage Lake; The Begich Boggs Natural History Center presented by the US Forest Service. PWS Museum Whittier has numerous restaurants, gift shops, a fresh fish outlet as well as the Prince William Sound Museum adjudged as one of the top ten “must see” museums in Alaska.

Besides, there are several transportation options going between Whittier, Seward, Anchorage, and Prince William Sound on a daily basis during the summer, and limited options in the winter.

Whittier has so much to offer

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whittier museum Salmon run nearby Cope Creek. Buckner Building Buckner Building, located in Whittier, Alaska. Portage Glacier The Portage Glacier behind Buckner Building. Kayaking Go Kayaking to view the spectacular glacier.